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It’s no secret today’s customer doesn’t have the time to spend servicing their vehicle. “Bring it to me” is the new consumer expectation and a consumer’s time is the new currency. Offering modern service solutions is proven to retain and win back customers, increase service drive and loaner efficiency while increasing profitablity.


Engagement Rate


Higher Profitability


Consumer Satisfaction



Today’s consumer expects delivery in all aspects of their lives, and it has proven to increase spending and loyalty. Think about your own experiences with Amazon, who always brings the product to you. With RedCap, you can give your customers the option to visit your store or test drive a vehicle at a location of their choosing, such as their home or office. At home test drives close as high as 25% and solely relate to customer convenience and a stress-less out of dealership environment.

On Site


Need a solid number on a trade in? Pick a customer’s vehicle up for an in-store inspection and appraisal. Combine Trade Appraisals with Test Drives for a powerful 2 in 1 solution – appraise a trade while conducting an at home test drive using your existing appraisal tools built into the platform.



Many customers prefer to purchase a vehicle over the phone, email or text. When the transaction is complete, give your mobile customer a concierge delivery experience for their new vehicle. It’s a memorable way to end the deal an opens the door for your concierge service pick-up and delivery retention program. Concierge service pick-up and delivery retention program. All off site vehicle movements are monitored by the platform for location, speed, braking, acceleration, and route efficiency, thereby assuring your asset is being protected.


Lot Moves

Moving vehicles to and from your dealership to inventory lots is time consuming, chaotic and difficult to manage. The platform intelligently organizes your vehicle movements, based on your rules, and gives you visibility into vehicle and driver tracking, performance and efficiency. Never wonder where your lot attendant is and which car he has moved with our VIN scanning technology built into the driver tool.



Whether you’re purchasing a vehicle from another dealer, selling a vehicle or exchanging vehicles, keeping everyone in the loop with automated delivery status text messages, real time tracking pages, and step by step instruction for your drivers to properly perform the task is critical. Always know the location of the driver and be notified on their arrival and departure. Never wonder again, why a trip that was supposed to take 2 hours seemed to take 4 because you are blind to logistics.



Take your brand to the next level with Personal Drivers – a concierge experience for vehicle ownership. Your customers can summon a driver for their vehicle for any occasion such as nights out, stadium events, airport drop off and pick up, medical procedures and service pick-up and delivery. Personal Drivers allow your customers to get more enjoyment, convenience, and safety out of the vehicle they have purchased. Have that same Personal Driver bring their car in for service, at no charge, so they do not abandon to the independents are ANY service need.