Retention Begins at “Hello”


Empower every member of your staff to greet customers for service check-in and create a positive, informative atmosphere the minute they arrive. Check-In enables any staff member to check for open recalls and past deferred recommendations, look up OEM information about the vehicle and present options for tire sales.


Walk-in appointments don’t have to throw a wrench in your service schedule. Manage both pre-booked and day-of appointments with ease through the Check-In workflow and capture relevant service information on the service drive.


It’s common to find additional service opportunities while working on a customer’s vehicle and the customer is no longer at the dealership (preferred). Reduce the amount of time spent on the phone or waiting for returned calls to begin work—send your customers in-depth videos and pictures explaining their repair or maintenance options directly from your dealership devices.


Capture customer signatures and service authorizations directly in your digital workflow. Avoid the paper-heavy check-out process and rely on clean, digital records for all transactions.


Book a shuttle as part of the Check-In workflow. Shuttle OnDemand replaces your dealership’s courtesy shuttle and the hassles that come with it. RedCap’s digital solution integrates with leading ride-sharing platforms to transform your shuttling service into a zero-wait, turnkey solution that offers a modern consumer experience. You’ll never worry about driver availability, vehicle expenses, driver management, liability
or capacity constraints again.